The ancient art of shadow puppetry is where 2-D articulated puppets perform between a light source and a screen, their moving silhouettes come alive in the minds of the enchanted onlookers.


Puppets can be easily made in any shape, with movement, scale, colour, lighting effects, layers, textures, sound effects and music providing endless, exciting explorations of imagery and theatre. 

The animated shadows stimulate the observer’s imagination, which can cultivate empathy, where there has been misunderstanding. Light Bulb Fantastic is interested is using this to celebrate diversity, taking stories to a wider audience.

“...Their unvarying intensity of facial expression, impossible for living actors, keeps the imagination of the spectators continuously stimulated.” 


Participants can quickly learn how to design and make their own puppets, so they can be powerful catalysts for self expression. Behind the screen puppeteers cannot be seen, so feel safer to role play situations and emotions that are difficult to discuss openly. 

Workshops are a magical way to engage the public with your event or message. Light Bulb Fantastic workshops are also a lot of fun!

Kate Stubbs

Kate Stubbs, the creator of Light Bulb Fantastic, brings her arts background in film, animation, TV & theatre production to the shadow puppet stage.

Professional experience includes working with Steve Coogan, Derek Jarman, Saatchi & Saatchi, Queen, Elton John and the west end production of “Cats”.

In 2009 Kate gained her DTLLS teaching qualification, lecturing in FE for 8 years and now tutors maths. You can visit Kate’s tutoring website

Kate plays bass guitar and writes original songs with Sugar Beat and The Sound Criminals. Her productions and workshops are enriched with emotive soundtracks.

Shadow puppet workshops have been for special educational needs and mainstream schools, environmental and community groups, arts centres and private parties.