Appealing to any age, our creative workshops are great for encouraging teamwork and improving communication and confidence

Special needs students designing & making shadow puppets

At workshops participants create their own puppets, which are articulated, that they can keep. Sessions may culminate in an impromptu performance or a series of workshops can lead to a show.

They can be centred around a particular theme and used to embrace a specific subject or location. Participants are able to video their shows on mobile phones to share with friends & family, as a beautiful lasting momento of the event

See Themes page for list of current topics

Puppets made at a Dinosaurs workshop


Confidence to perform and communicate is facilitated by the protective barrier of the screen, allowing the thrill of acting and benefits of role play to be experienced more widely.

Small groups can work on separate scenes of a story, that combine for a finished show.

Creating a story and developing characters or adapting an existing story, poem or play.

Puppets can be made from recycled card, even a stage can be made from a cardboard box and an old sheet.

Backstage of the shadow puppet screen

Puppets can bring any topic alive and Kate is happy to collaborate with teachers to deliver a unique learning experience, with cross curriculum potential


Light Bulb Fantastic shines a light on...

Festivals, Museums, Community happenings, Open days, Publicity, Environment, Family attractions, Team building, Teacher training...

Behaviour: shadow puppets are a tool for accessing imagination, emotions, empathy, memory, the sub-conscious and psychlogical barriers; puppeteers feel protected by the screen. The simple beauty of movement by an inanimate object fascinates and can powerfully communicate issues such as bullying, peer pressure, rascism and sexism.

Parties: celebrate happy couples or birthdays by creating fun puppets of special people, their families, loves, hobbies, interests, pets, funny stories, wedding or honeymoon locations. Participants can video their puppets performing, on their handy mobile phones for a beautiful lasting record. 

Site Specific Events: visitors to an event create and perform a puppet show. 

Education: visual, auditory, kineasthetic and differentiated learning. Problem solving, team work and innovation.

Maths: collaborative discussion and visualising concepts, deepens cognitive understanding.

English: creative writing, speaking and listening.

History & World Cultures: brought to life.

Design and Technology: constructing articulated puppets.

Science: observing the properties of light.

Manual Skills: constructing and operating puppets performing their own puppets.


Workshop participants and audiences have said...

“Fantastic way to help promote confidence and self belief in one’s own creations”


All ages entranced by shadow puppetry

“The workshop was excellent, something new and different for the children to create a story” Lara, mother of a participant

“It was fantastic! I loved it!” Sienna age 9

“An excellent opportunity to create characters and tell stories. May be extra good for children with communication difficulties, as they will have visual aids to help vocab., language, narrative and sequencing skills.” Maria, mother of a participant

“I liked the fact it was creative and spontanious. Fun, fun, fun!” Sue, age 44


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