Backstage at Dartington, in Devon, where we performed "Dreams before Dawn" in collaboration with the talented Totnes Young People's Theatre.  On stage the actors are debating inside the mysterious Turtle Island Tavern, while the puppet screen reveals the action outside as the terrified Brian makes his unwise decision, to escape in the rowing boat out across they bay.....

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"Dreams before Dawn"

We are excited about combining live action with shadow puppets, for a collaborative performance tomorrow with Totnes Young People's Theatre.  This devised piece tells a tale of a ship wreck and mermaids seeking revenge for humans' pollution of the seas.  Even the dolphins are angry ..."and it takes a lot to annoy a dolphin!"

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Accessible Theatre this Christmas

We have been delivering a series of festive workshops for the lovely Animate Theatre, in Plymouth, who provide drama experiences for people with a variety of disabilities.

Over 5 sessions participants: experimented with puppetry skills like how to express emotions, wrote original Christmas themed scripts,  played with lighting effects and music, made their own wonderful puppets, props and scenery.

At the 6th session the air was buzzing, everyone had a part to play, as the Animate Theatre Company performed their four festive stories, to a delighted audience of friends and families.

Participants' and carers' feedback:

"Identified the SU's needs and delivered well"

"A workshop that provides socialising, cognitive, manual skills etc with an outstanding finale in the show"

"We smiled from start to finish"

"Makes me feel better with meeting all people"


World Day of Bullying Prevention

Today the world is focusing on how to tackle the international problem of bullying.  I am busy making new puppets, for workshop participants to use when expressing how this problem affects their lives and how we can deal with bullying together.  For more information about this workshop see "Stop Bullying", on the Themes Page.

 Using puppets to communicate how overpowering bullying can feel.   

Using puppets to communicate how overpowering bullying can feel.


Woodland Creatures Workshop

The wood Fair was great fun, young and old enjoyed creating a woodland scene together, bringing it alive with their charming shadow puppets.  One family decided to throw out their TV and get a shadow puppet stage instead!


Wood Fair

Create your own woodland animal or animated tree with Light Bulb Fantastic at Sustainable South Brent's Wood Fair.  This shadow puppet workshop will be from 12.30 to 1.30pm, on Saturday 9th September, at the village hall in South Brent, Devon.  Upstairs but there is a lift. Entry is free and there will be lots of other tree related activities and displays.

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Scary Monsters Party

Twin boys celebrated their 6th birthday with friends on 8th July, by creating their own scary monsters and mythical creatures shadow puppets.  As a grand finale to this Lightbulb Fantastic workshop, the children performed a story, devised themselves, to their proud and delighted families.

"Great afternoon - very varied activities; designing, making, story, performance. Very different from usual party stuff" Neil Davenport.

"Fantastic experience, variety of activities, learning new skills and working as part of a team. Great idea for a party. Evelyn loved all the colours and making. Highly recommended." Dave Glassock.

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"Stop Bullying" trial at Hooe Primary School, Plymstock.

This trial confirmed that LBF's "Stop Bullying" workshop is ready to launch.  In the morning of 6th July, 30 students, discussed, wrote, rehearsed and performed for each other a rich variety of scenes about bullying, its causes and solutions.  The year 6 students, ( 10 years old ) produced such insights as the bully whose father is a drunk and the wheelchair used accused of being a bully when she tries to defend herself from taunts.  

Student quotes included:

"You get to really explain the emotion. I enjoyed performing because if it has happened to you, you can express it without telling someone"

"I enjoyed performing most because it makes people understand more what I have been through"

"I enjoyed watching, to see what other people think about bullying"

The class teacher, Sam, said "Fantastic session that has led to all the children feeling more comfortable talking about bullying"

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