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Climate Change Awareness Film

Following on from our workshop in August, Light Bulb Fantastic has been inspired to make a short, gentle, thought provoking film addressing some of the common questions that we have about climate change. Currently we are recording the voices of a variety of people, from environmental experts to some of the young people whose future is in peril. These words will form the backbone of the narration. Adding shadow puppetry, we are looking at new ways to visualise the changes that we cannot see in the world around us.

The more I learn about climate change, the more complex I realise it is, so this film will focus on exploring the evidence that global warming is caused by human activity, discuss popular misconceptions and explain why we need to take action now. What that action needs to be, would have to be covered in another film. It is included in our shadow puppetry workshop.




Creative Climate Awareness Workshop

Researching for this workshop I am focusing on understanding the science behind the climate change headlines. I am designing the workshop so that participants can engage at a deeper level, using shadow puppetry to devise visual representations of the problems that we face globally.

The second part of the workshop will be facilitated by Tiffany Strawson of Totnes Young Peoples’ Theatre, who will use live action theatre to explore the personal effects of climate change and what we, as individuals can do about it.




Greek heros and monsters come alive

This week Light Bulb Fantastic helped year 3 and 4 children at Landscore Primary School, at Crediton, in Devon to bring their Greek myths alive. The students had written their own tales of what Heracles 13th task might have been.

Teacher Mei-Lin Houston said that the best part was “Being able to make their stories into real performances” and “their monsters into puppets”.

Students explored different skills. One child who struggles with written work in class, narrated a whole scene, from memory, described in a rich language that his teachers did not know he had.

The classroom was buzzing with excitement. I agree with teaching assistant, Karen Kirby, who said that the best part was “Their proud little faces when they put on their shows”

Heracles & volcano.jpg


Wood Fair

Create your own woodland animal or animated tree with Light Bulb Fantastic at Sustainable South Brent's Wood Fair.  This shadow puppet workshop will be from 12.30 to 1.30pm, on Saturday 9th September, at the village hall in South Brent, Devon.  Upstairs but there is a lift. Entry is free and there will be lots of other tree related activities and displays.

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"Our Soil is Alive" workshop

27 participants of all ages enjoyed our workshop for Sustainable South Brent. Conversations were sparked off about the importance of the precious life in healthy soil, while tardigrades, termites and rotifers magically appeared before us.

"Our Soil is Alive"

This Saturday 3-6pm, we're running a free shadow puppet workshop "Our Soil is Alive", exploring the fascinating creatures that live in healthy soil and seeing how they are affected by our activities above it.

The workshop is part of Sustainable South Brent's 10 years party, with displays, refreshments, story telling, live music and DJ. From 3-11pm in the Village Hall at South Brent, Devon. The village hall is on the other side of the railway line from the main car park.

All ages are welcome, but under 11s need an adult to remain at the hall. It's all free. for details.

Fractions and Percentage Puppet Workshop

June 4, 2016

Adults and children alike enjoyed the shadow puppets and maths workshop.

"A creative and interactive way to learn maths. I furthered my knowledge of fractions. I also think shadow puppet workshops could be a great way to develop social/communication skills and perform comic strip stories"

Adult participant, Heather.



"Exploring Maths with Shadow Puppets"

A Light Bulb Fantastic workshop Sunday 22nd May 2016, 2-4pm. For 8 year olds upwards including adults. We will create shadow puppets, who will explore the relationships between fractions and percentage.  The workshops will culminate in a short performance for friends and family. No knowledge of fractions or percentage are necessary.

Now fully booked.