Our performances cover many themes and topics. A few are shown here...

Hooe Primary School, Devon

“Stop Bullying”

Workshops ask: What is bullying? Why does it happen? What can we do about it?  Following a group discussion participants create their own shadow puppet scenes illustrating their answers to these questions.

For half day workshops we provide puppets, for a full day people can express themselves further by creating puppets in shapes that demonstrate the strong emotions involved.

Following rehearsals, each scene is performed to the group, so that they all benefit from each other’s understanding and experiences. 

Feedback from students, following trials with special needs and mainstream schools: 
74% can imagine more how it feels to be bullied
70% are more likely to help someone who is being bullied
56% have more sympathy for some bullies

This workshop is suitable for ages 7 years old to adult and can be adapted for different abilities and needs. You can read more about the trials on our News page. 

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 “It makes people understand more what I’ve been through”


“Fantastic session that has led to all the children feeling more comfortable talking about bullying”


Year 6 students, Plymouth, Devon

Environmental workshop

“Our Soil is Alive” 

This workshop explores the fascinating creatures that live in healthy soil and sees how they are affected by our activities above it.

Participants learn about the incredible, fantastic and microscopic creatures, living beneath our feet. They create their own puppets of beautiful rotifers, sci-fi looking tardigrades, and wiggling worms who perform on pre-made scenery. Here the creatures interact with the external forces that mankind inflicts on them and we see the results.

The content can be extended to encompass wider environmental studies or simplified for young children and special needs.

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Sustainable South Brent anniversary celebration, Devon

Jellyfish Arts Centre, Buckfastleigh, Devon

“Christmas Wonderland”

A magical scene is set for this festive workshop. Participants make their own puppets and bring them to life on our lush Christmas stage, lit by sparkling coloured stardust. The puppets can frolick to festive music, perform scenes or stories.

Photos can make great personalised email Christmas cards and the puppets original handmade presents.

Suitable for all ages and abilities

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Christmas shadow puppets workshop

Frankie had promised to be home by sunset!


In a strange and distant land the happy village life is thrown into turmoil by a fire breathing dragon. Their survival threatened, two youngsters, Fizz and Boon, with the help of the audience, use the magic powers of ratio to save the day. 

Research into common misconceptions surrounding ratio informs the dialogue. Feisty Fizz confronts her personal fear of maths and discovers that failing is the the pathway to learning. Various ratios are demonstrated in a range of situations, as objects and figures. Comparison to fractions is clearly illustrated.

Audience participation is key to “Ho-Ratio” being a memorable experience and the live dialogue can be adapted to differentiate for learners’ abilities. Filmic production values and an exciting, sophisticated sound track of original grooves will keep all ages entranced  and involved with the magic of maths!

Approximate running time 45 minutes.

Key Stage 2 Curriculum objectives:
• Recognise and use the ratio notation a:b
• Calculate simple ratios of quantities

Fractions maths workshop